Shipping Policy

De – Kito Group OÜ (“we” and “us”) is the operator of ( (“Website”). By placing an order through this on the website, you will be agreeing to the terms below. These are provided to ensure both parties are aware of and agree upon this arrangement to mutually protect and set expectations on our service.

1.0.    General
Subject to stock availability, we try to maintain accurate stock counts on our website but from time to time there may be a stock discrepancy and we will not be able to fulfill all your items at the time of purchase. In this instance, we will fulfill the available products to you, and contact you about whether you would prefer to await restocking of the back-ordered item or if you would prefer for us to process a refund.

2.0.    Shipping Costs
Shipping costs are calculated during checkout based on weight, dimensions, and destination of the items in the order. Payment for shipping will be collected with the purchase. This price will be the final price for shipping cost to the customer.

3.0.    Delivery of Goods

3.1.    Delivery Address and Responsibilities: Goods will be delivered to the Buyer’s specified address, as provided in their account and agreed upon beforehand. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring arrangements for the receipt of goods on the scheduled delivery day.

3.2.    Parcel Tracking and Customs: A separate tracking number will be emailed to the Buyer to monitor the parcel status. All goods undergo customary customs inspections as part of the shipping process.

3.3.    Cross Border VAT and Import Tax: International purchases from may attract import taxes based on the Buyer’s country, not included in the order amount. Buyers are advised that orders do not cover taxes and are subject to individual country tax policies.

3.4.    Product Handling in Transit: Toxins and Saxenda pens are packed in insulated styrofoam boxes with ice packs. In cases of melted ice packs, the temperature remains below 8°C due to adequate insulation for up to 4 weeks. During summer, despite proper packaging, products may experience slight temperature variations, affecting efficiency by up to 10%. No return or refund requests due to temperature will be entertained.

Order Holds and Out of Stock: Orders may be placed on hold pending Buyer response; failure to respond within 24 hours will result in the original order shipment. Instances of out-of-stock items will prompt communication; non-response within 24 hours will lead to the shipment of available products and a store credit refund for the out-of-stock items.

4.0.    Claims and Parcel Handling

4.1.    Claiming Missing Items: Claims for missing items require a video of the unpacking process for validation.

4.2.     Undelivered Parcel Assistance: Buyers experiencing non-receipt should track parcels and contact their local carriers promptly. Failure to pick up parcels awaiting collection resulting in a return is non-compensable.

4.3.     Parcel Claims and Investigation: Parcel-related claims must be submitted within 30 days post-delivery. Investigations into undelivered parcels may take up to 14 days from the date of notification.

4.4.    Goods Quality Assurance: Verified claims for received wrong products or missing items will be resolved through re-delivery or refunds. Video proof of unboxing is required for claim processing.

4.5.     Damaged or Defective Product Claims: Claims for damaged or defective products must be reported within 30 days post-delivery via email. Supporting videos or pictures are necessary for processing refunds or replacements.

4.6.     Buyer’s Remorse and Expiration Dates: Refunds for buyer’s remorse are only viable if products are unopened, undamaged, and in original packaging. Refunds are not applicable due to product expiration dates if products have sufficient time before expiration upon delivery.

4.7.     Recipient Absence and Delivery Responsibilities: Recipients are responsible for arranging delivery dates with carriers to avoid shipment issues due to unavailability.

No refunds will be provided due to the recipient’s absence during delivery.

5.0.     Product Outcome and Refunds

5.1.     Product Usage Outcome Claims: Refunds for product performance issues require full video documentation of the unpacking and product usage, which supports the customer’s claim. Refunds will not be processed without video evidence.

5.2.     Damaged Box, Package, or Saline: Compensation for damaged packages or saline is subject to evidence provided (pictures or videos). Claims regarding solely damaged boxes without impacting the product are non-refundable.

6.0.    Customs, Duplicated Payments, and Order Handling

6.1.    Customs Assistance: Customers are responsible for managing customs-related issues, including providing necessary documentation. Assistance is offered upon confirmation of the package being held by customs, prompting a choice of free reshipping or a full refund once the package is returned back to it’s original shape to us.

6.2.    Duplicated Payments and Orders: Duplicate payments due to customer error will be credited to the Buyer’s store credit. Duplicate orders will be processed as per customer response within 24 hours; non-response leads to store credit refunds.

7.0.    Acceptance of Goods and Title/Risk

7.1.    Acceptance and Inspection: Buyers are deemed to accept goods 24 hours post-delivery. Timely inspection and notification of defects are necessary on the day of delivery.

7.2.    Title and Risk Allocation: Buyers assume all risks upon ordering from the website. Risk transfers to the Buyer on delivery to his/her address. Until the title passes, the Buyer holds the goods as a bailee for the Seller.

8.0.    Changes to Terms of Service

8.1.    Updates and Changes: Any updates or changes to the Terms of Service will be posted on the website. Continued use of the website post-changes constitutes acceptance of the revised terms.

9.0.    Reviews and Customer Feedback

9.1.    Review Section Guidelines: Reviews with unrelated vendor or product names will be removed from the section. Only first names are displayed in reviews to respect user privacy. Shared pictures or videos in reviews may be used for marketing purposes.

10.0.  Terms During a Sale

10.1.   Sale-Specific Policies: Sale orders cannot be delayed post-purchase or altered in terms of shipping requests. No cancellation once payment is confirmed; only additions/removals are possible if orders are not yet shipped. Certain limitations apply to combining orders during sales periods.

10.2.   Shipping, Discounts, and Order Instructions: Shipping address updates are not available during sale periods. Discounts must be applied during checkout; post-purchase discount requests will not be entertained. Customer requests on the memo are not feasible during sales periods. Products shipped during sales have a minimum 3-month expiration window post-delivery.

11.0.   Delivery Terms

11.1.   Domestic and International Transit Time: Domestic shipments generally transit for 3 – 7 days. International orders transit for 3 – 7 working days (up to 8 days for Canada) based on courier selection. Transit times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

12.0.   Insurance
Parcels are insured for loss and damage up to the value as stated by the courier.

9.1.     Process for parcel damaged in-transit: We will process a refund or replacement as soon as the courier has completed their investigation into the claim.

9.2.     Process for parcel lost in transit: We will process a refund or replacement as soon as the courier has conducted an investigation and deemed the parcel lost.

10.0 Customer service

10.1.    These Rules updated on January 1st, 2024.
For all customer service inquiries, please submit an inquiry at

10.2.    These Rules updated on January 1st, 2024.

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